Best Marketing Campaign : “Shed Rolltop Messenger Bag”


I found Mission workshop when searching about messenger bag reference, moreover, besides the quality of their products, I love the way they build their brand with a great marketing content. All of their marketing concepts represents what I want as a young man, who live in urban city, and looking not only the cutting edge and high end  model of the product but also seeing the function. One of their marketing concept that I love is their “Shed Rolltop Messenger Bag” campaign, they translate the product very well into a great video ( I mean not boring video) while similar company creates a boring campaign which create sunk cost. until now, that video has watched around 151K youtuber, and have 102 feedback. It shows that the campaign success to engage netizen.

anyway if you want to see the product list include the video, just go through to 

here’s the video :

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