Met Jakarta in Another Perspective.

When I went to a city, I always tried to find
the same place, can u guess it?. That place is a bookstore. Rather than
choose  a Large bookstore like Gramedia,
I prefer to come to a small, Independent or used bookstore. There are a large
number of reasons why I like to come and to visit that place. One of the reason
is because I find “emotional connection” in that place. Allow me to say several
bookstore that success to build emotional connection with their costumer :
Kedai Buku Jenny, KataKerja (Makassar) & C20Library (Surabaya). And 2 month
ago, I find another “cozy” bookstore in Jakarta; Post Santa. The Book Store same
like the others, in Post Santa I find sub culture, an alternative prespective
to see Jakarta.  I still hope can find another cool bookstore in Indonesia which provide many activities that are able to be a reference in the future when I build my own small bookstore.

oh ya, here some photo that I took with my smartphone as “ole ole” from Post Santa..

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